TrapSoul: Album Review


Trapsoul is a well blended concoction of modern hip hop production, relatable lyrics, and undeniable talent.

When’s the last time Louisville, Kentucky produced a breakout rap artist?

Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

As I reflect on that question, I must admit that I’m not sure if Bryson Tiller is a rapper who sings or a singer who raps. Where do you draw the line nowadays? The 22 year old sing-rapper/rap-singer, describes his sound as “TrapSoul”, which is the title he chose for his debut album. Nowadays, if you’re a rapper who can sing you will undoubtedly be compared to Drake. In an interview with djbooth, Tiller shows humility in acknowledging that comparisons can’t be avoided, but there’s something about Tiller that should set him apart: his sound.

Trapsoul provides a laid back vibe throughout the album. Tiller’s 30+ million Soundcloud followers and rapidly increasing fanbase is undoubtedly due to his unique sound. It’s relaxing and chill yet engaging all at once. As far as production alone goes, Trapsoul is a very well done album. If you can appreciate trap beats, club beats, and r&b beats, then you will approve. Besides his sound though, what is Tiller talking about?

Another thing that sets Bryce Tiller apart from his rap peers is his ability to paint pictures. “Exchange” is a story about him wanting to “change his player ways” as Tiller reflects on spending time with an ex while hoping to get her back. The storytelling in “Been That Way” is vivid. He goes from describing what it’s like to break up with a girl who claims he has changed. In the final verse, he then vents his frustrations with being in a complicated relationship while entertaining another woman.

But what if you don’t want to hear all of the sob stories about breakups and makeups? What if you just want to hear a rapper rap? Remember: the name of the album is Trapsoul. Although he can sing, Bryson Tiller can hold his own when it comes to good ol’ fashioned rapping. If you’re a fan of hip hop with a little less singing, then songs such as “Ten Nine Fourteen”, “Rambo”, and “502 The Come Up” should suit you just fine.

Trapsoul is a well blended concoction of modern hip hop production, relatable lyrics, and undeniable talent. Choosing to go with no features on the project, Bryson Tiller ensures that the spotlight is on him only and this allows us to get a clear sense of what he is all about. With a cosign from Timbaland, and recognition from Drake, it is clear to see that the sky is the limit for Young Tiller.

Junky Locker’s Favorite 3 Tracks:

  1. Exchange
  2. Rambo
  3. 502 Come Up

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