Why I Never Have Bad Days

“Why are you so happy all the time?”

    When my coworker asked me this question it came out of nowhere. However, this was not the first time that someone asked me this. Apparently, there is some sort of spark, some attractive aura about me that exudes contentment and joy. Bad days happen. Everyone has them. I get it. Fortunately, with consistency and focus, I’ve developed a 5-step method that answers the preceding question.

  1. Meditation/Prayer

When I wake up in the morning, I stare at the ceiling and  think of all the things I am grateful for in my life. Supportive friends, loving family, all of my teeth, etc. You cannot appreciate anything additional in your life until you are thankful for what you already have. Next, I think of a particular person in my life and I wish for their well being, success, and overall contentment. Doing this not only humbles me, but it takes thoughts off of my problems and helps me realize that the world is bigger than me.

    2. Listen to an Inspiring Audio

The next thing I do is listen to audios that will build my faith and inspire me to approach each day at my best. I recommend subscribing to the Youtube channel, Goalcast. This channel is full of videos ranging from 2-5 minutes that are intended to motivate you.  Listening to inspiring audios helps spark my ambition and refuel me as I begin a new day and face new challenges.

   3. Read

Every morning I read for at least 15 minutes. Self help books are my favorite, but I also enjoy readingBooks-bookshelf-person-head-540w.jpg biographies of people who have attained success in a similar field that I hope to succeed in. By reading these biographies, I can learn from other people’s mistakes so that I don’t experience the same pitfalls. I encourage you to read several books everyday. Lots of times you will find that some of the most interesting ideas that you get from a book actually has nothing to do with the book’s subject.

4. Review Goals & Dreams

 I’ve made a habit of writing down my goals and I advise you to do the same. By physically writing them down, you reinforce these ambitions and they become further implanted in your subconscious. If you’re not writing down your goals then you’re simply making hopeful wishes. Write. Them. Down. In addition to writing and reviewing my goals, I take it a step further by visualizing myself accomplishing these goals and what my life would be like once I accomplish them. When I envision that I’ve already achieved success, I naturally exude the confidence of a successful person.


By following a routine such as this, you become a walking ray of light.

5. Exercise

You DO NOT need to have a gym membership to exercise. There are plenty of things you can do at home to get your heart rate pumping. My go-to exercises are pushups, pullups, ab workouts, or a simple bike ride. Bike rides are my favorite because it allows me to explore the area I live in and is a good way for me to clear my mind while getting in some cardio. Some of my best ideas come to me when I’m taking my morning bike ride. What do you think I was doing when I decided to write this article?

Life will kick your ass, there’s no denying that. If you are not mentally tough enough to overcome the endless setbacks that life throws at you then things such as “success” and “fulfillment” will become nothing more than fictional words that are only attainable in Disney movies. When you follow a routine such as this, it ignites a flame in you. You literally become a walking ray of light and people will ask you,

“Why are you so happy all the time?”


One thought on “Why I Never Have Bad Days

  1. Man!!! This was such a great post. Very inspirational. Funny you mentioned you’re grateful for having all of your teeth because losing my teeth is something I’m afraid of, lol. Since I know you personally, I know that all of these tips really do work for you and you really do exude a positive aura that makes people enjoy being around you. Thanks for sharing, and stay blessed my friend!!! 😆

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