Top 5 Most Anticipated Albums

Good things come to those who wait. Here is Junky Locker’s top 5 hip hop albums that we are waiting for in the near future.

  1. Victory Lap – Nipsey Hussle

nipNipsey Hussle has one of the best business minds in the rap game today. He’s got his hands in multiple pots right now as he’s locked in on building his Marathon empire. His last project, Slauson Boy 2, was released last summer and ever since then he has steadily been dropping songs with his Marathon Mondays series. Sadly, hip hop is currently being dominated by percocet popping, lean sipping zombies and it’s time for a fresh perspective. His album, Victory Lap, is rumored to be done and the Marathoners (yes, I made that up) are anxious to hear what Nip has to say.

2. Swaecation – Swae Leeswae

When it comes to musical groups, there’s always one standout artist. There was Method Man from Wu Tang Clan, Prodigy from Mobb Deep (R.I.P.), and today we have Swae Lee from Rae Sremmurd. Anyone with two ears can see that Swae Lee is the more talented artist here. The charismatic rock star’s melodies are unfuckwithable, and he’s unselfish with his talents having written for artists such as Katy Perry and Beyonce. “Unforgettable” with French Montana is an incredible song and the hits are sure to keep coming as Swae Lee is only 24 years old and just now entering his prime. There’s no definite release date yet, but we’re unpatiently waiting for Swaecation.


3. Rolling Papers 2 – Wiz Khalifawiz

Wiz Khalifa is a living legend. I doubt if anyone 21 and under will name him as one of their favorite artists but the influence he has had on the game is undeniable. He’s got an incredible catalogue of mixtapes including Cabin Fever 1 & 2, Taylor Allderdice, and KUSH AND ORANGE JUICE!!! Unfortunately, Wiz’s debut album, Rolling Papers, turned alot of his fans off as the album seemed to be catered more towards the masses instead of his core fan base. The album flopped and many people labeled him as a sellout. Taylor Allderdice is laced with snippets from an interview he did with Rob Markman, and in one of them he speaks about how maybe he would have done Rolling Papers differently. Core fans are hoping he stays true to his word. Wiz dropped two EPs early this summer, Pre-Rolled and Bong Rips, so perhaps this is a sign of good things to come. For all the K&OJ fans, you’ll recognize a familiar character in the skits! Will we get Rolling Papers 2 this year or will it be a Dr. Dre/Detox frenzy all over again?


4. If You’re Reading This It’s Two Late/What a Time Two Be Alive – Drake/Drake & Futuredrake-future

We threw this one in for kicks. There have been no talks about a sequel to either one of these projects but there definitely should be. For years, Champagne Papi has taken heat for being an emotional rapper. Maybe he took this to heart because at the end of 2014 Drake dropped IYRTITL out of the blue and no one saw this new side of Drake coming. The aggression and cockiness from Drake on that project is what the real rap fans have been craving. If you didn’t know Drake was top 5 top 5 top 5 before, then he definitely let you know with this project.

Future released Dirty Sprite 2 in 2015 and “Where Ya At” was  a breakout song. This was a clever collaboration which led to the two rap superstars doing a mixtape together. Drake and Future have great chemistry and it never really seemed like one outshined the other. We won’t go into too much detail since we’ve already written about WATTBA. The two have been fairly quiet recently, so would it be a reach to assume that maybe they’ll bless us with a followup?

5. Detroit 2 – Big Sean

big sean

Big Sean is in the upper echelon of rappers. Big Sean is highly underrated and he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He makes very good albums that are solid plays all the way through but for some reason, they lack longevity. This is a difficult situation to be in because it’s really tricky to say exactly what needs to be done for Big Sean to cement his place as one of the best. He can go bar for bar with ANY rapper who isn’t named Eminem or Kendrick Lamar. Big Sean has grown alot since his 2012 release of Detroit and a sequel to his classic mixtape would provide the perfect opportunity to show his progression and wake up those who are still sleeping on him.


Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments if you agree with our list or which albums you can’t wait to come out!


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