Morning After: Album Review


dvsn is back and Morning After is no sophomore slump!


The mysterious duo, dvsn, has emerged from the OVO caves with their second project, Morning After, and it’s no sophomore slump!

When it comes to R&B, the golden age is largely considered to be the 90’s. Music changes with the times and today’s R&B is oversaturated with singers masquerading as emo rappers. There seems to have been a switch in the mindsets of R&B singers; in previous generations, the mood was more romantic, chivalrous, and upbeat. Today the sound is inspired by drug induced lust and it’s really up to question if the genre itself is evolving. dvsn (pronounced “division”) keeps relevant by bringing the raw emotions of R&B while not sounding anything like anyone else in this Trapsoul age.

Morning After, released October 13th, is the follow up album to Sept. 5, released March 27th 2016. The production by Nineteen85 teamed with Daniel Daley’s vocals is top notch here, dvsn shows growth for sure. For example, on “Run Away”, there’s a small stretch where Daley hits screaming high notes reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson whereas we’re accustomed to Daley’s usual falsettos. This shows great vocal range, unheard from Daley. “Run Away” is the song you’ll have on repeat if you’ve got a halfway decent sound system.

In terms of content, Morning After has the usual tones and moods you would expect from any R&B artist. There are customary moments of introspection, shame and regret, love and lust. All the ingredients necessary for a complete R&B album. They’ve even got R. Kelly to help write the standard love making manual ,”P.O.V.” (is that him screaming in the background vocals?)

It’s obvious that OVO is incapable of producing anything less than exemplary music. Morning After is no different, dvsn nailed it with this one.


Junky Locker’s Favorite 3 Tracks:

  1. Run Away
  2. Nuh Time / Tek Time
  3. Claim



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