Takeoff: the Last Remaining Migo

With the 2017 release of their debut album, Culture, Migos have solidified their place among the upper echelon of rappers. Mastering their craft for quite some time now, it is safe to say that this was their breakthrough year. Quavo, the head huncho, brings charisma and melodies to the group. Offset brings raw aggression. Takeoff brings a silent mystique that unfortunately leads to him being widely considered the lesser of the three.

Despite the immaculate chemistry between the three, each member has what it takes to be a standalone artist. Offset recently teamed up with 21 Savage on their joint project, No Warnings. Quavo is rumored to be working on a project with Travis Scott, but with no release date in sight or singles released, it’s difficult to tell if this is just a myth. This brings us to Takeoff. Could Takeoff be working on a solo project or teaming up with another artist? If so, who could it be? Let’s take a look at a couple artists who could make a good partner for a Takeoff project.

Young Thug 8cf54cd839d1437d95df73066f9a54ef.jpg

Young Thug is an underrated rapper. When it comes to music, Thug is an unpredictable rap kamikaze; you’ll never know what you’re going to get. He’s released a ton of work this year; Beautiful Thugger Girls, Young Martha, and the most recent Super Slimey just to name a few. Young Thug isn’t afraid to experiment, even if it’s at the risk of being slandered and excoriated by the rap community, hence the kamikaze reference. His willingness to experiment makes him a possible candidate to team up with Takeoff.

Thug and Takeoff share a unique attribute that sets them apart from the rest: their voices are actual instruments. It’s not always what they say or even how they say it, you just want to HEAR them say something, their voices are that alluring. Thug, of course has more range and diversity, but Takeoff brings a distinct sound that is deep and intimidating, two necessary traits for any street/trap rapper. A collaboration with Takeoff would likely force Young Thug to ditch the antics and bring the bars we know he’s capable of producing. At the same time, he can offer melodies and hooks, making up for Takeoff’s lack of vocal range.


Future sounds good with anyone. Annoyingly considered by most a mumble rapper, Future fits well with Takeoff’s rapid fire flow. Similar to the point made about Young Thug, Future can bring diversity to a Takeoff project in the form of melodies and hooks. Future already has a track record with Migos (literally) with songs such as Iced Out My Arms, No Pressure, and Patek Water. The latter of the three featured Offset, and Takeoff easily could have been swapped in here.

Future had a huge wave from 2015-2016, which somewhat died down this year. Future stayed consistent, dropping Hndrxx and Future in back to back weeks and the aforementioned Super Slimey was released only last month in October. The fact is, you know what you’re going to get from Future and he probably over saturated the market by dropping project after project for the past few years. A tag team with Takeoff could help rejuvenate a Future buzz heading into 2018.

2017 was the year of the Migos. As each artist branches out and collaborates with other artists, they remain relevant while displaying their versatility. This is a great strategy for them since it not only provides them an opportunity to show that they can be successful on their own, but it also builds great anticipation for the Culture 2 album. With Quavo and Offset already making solo moves, Takeoff is up next to step out of the shadows and show what he’s got.


Is there anyone else you think would sound good on a Takeoff project? Leave your answers in the comments below.







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