5 Albums I Chose Kinda Randomly That Turned Out to Be Freaking Awesome

How do you find new music? How do you choose which new artists you will listen to?

The main things I look for when looking for new music is the name of the artist and album as well as the art work. Something has to jump out at me and pique my curiosity. I’m sure some of you have chosen new music the same way. So, let’s cut to the chase and get to these 5 albums (in no particular order) that I chose randomly that turned out to be freaking awesome. Phew.

1.)  Ego Death by The Internet.


I thought The Internet had the coolest name a band could choose. 

Their name was The Internet!! I thought that was the coolest name a band could choose.  I read a paragraph or two about “ego death” in psychology class years earlier, so I caught the reference there and dug the concept. The album cover was the cherry on top. The fact that no one in the picture seemed to be on the same page was hilarious to me and I appreciated the thought behind it. A very fun photo indeed.

I liked this album so much that I wrote about it. Read it here.

2.) The Never Story by J.I.D.

Image result for the never story

What the hell is a never story about? What does that even mean? I was so curiously frustrated that I had to dig for more information. I checked the tracklist and noticed that he was actually signed under Dreamville, J. Cole’s rap label. It was then that I knew I had to give this J.I.D. guy a chance. The kid can really rap, and fits like a puzzle piece into the Dreamville picture.

3.) Free 6lack by 6lack

Image result for free 6lack

If this were a 1-5 list, Free 6lack would be number 1. 

Remember when I said that these albums are in no particular order? Well, if I did make this a top 5 list, Free 6lack is number one musically, for sure. In my opinion, it was the best R&B album of 2016. The album cover photo was what really drew me in. The guy is sitting on the bed with a grizzly bear. Whether it’s real or not is besides the point, there’s a freaking grizzly bear on the bed.

That’s not where bears sleep.

4.) Sept. 5 by dvsn

Image result for sept. 5th dvsn

When I discovered dvsn was signed to the OVO Label, I was all in.

I didn’t understand anything. The album cover was so vague and mysterious. I thought it was artsy but I didn’t love it. I was kind of intrigued by the name “dvsn.” Who was dvsn? was it a person? A group? I didn’t realize until later that the artist’s name was pronounced “division”. You would think that I’d have connected the dots since there’s a huge glowing division sign on the same album cover I was so stupefyingly mesmerized by.

But it wasn’t even the album cover that made me check this album out.

When I noticed that this dvsn character was signed under Drake’s OVO label I was all in. With artists such as PartyNextdoor, Roy Woods, and Majid Jordan, the OVO sweatshop has produced nothing but great talent. dvsn did not disappoint.

dvsn is one of my favorite new artists who just released their second album, Morning After. I wrote about it here.

5.) Strays with Rabies by Earthgang

Image result for strays with rabies

“Liquor Sto'” is always on repeat.

This album stands out from the others for one main reason: nothing in particular really stood out to me before I chose to give it a listen. I actually scrolled past it a few times before coming back to it. The album cover didn’t necessarily wow me; the name Earthgang didn’t knock me off my feet. But I was bored of the music I had previously been listening to so I figured what the heck, I’ll give em a shot.

I’m so glad I gave Earthgang the benefit of the doubt that day. This current generation of hip hop gets a terrible rap (see what I did there?) and Earthgang is not most mainstream rappers. Earthgang’s music has substance. Their music is positive and enlightening but they’re not boring or preachy. The song “Liquor Sto'” has become a song on the soundtrack to my life. I never listen to it only once, it’s always on repeat.

So, there are 5 albums I chose kinda randomly that turned out to be freaking awesome. Have you randomly chose an album that turned out awesome? Let me know in the comments.


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