The Pedestrian Part V


Tiffany dressed, then stepped out of the bed and swiftly left the bedroom with a catlike stealth that set Devin on edge. Now unnerved, he decided it was a good time to leave. Realizing that Tiffany was displeased with his relationship avoidance, he understood that when and if she came back into the room it would not be good news. Shortly after he got dressed, Tiffany did return; bad news for Devin.

“What are you doing with that?” DJ asked, pointing to the butcher knife Tiffany held at her side.

Tiffany stalked Devin at a painstakingly slow and steady pace around the bedroom. Ignoring the question, she instead slowly raised the knife, preparing to slash.

“You were going to try and leave me. You were going to fuck me and leave me.” She said emotionless, almost to herself.

“What are you talking about? What the fuck are you doing? Put the knife down Tiffany!” Devin pleaded. He hopped onto the bed as she swiped at him, slicing his calf in the process.

“Never again. Never again.” Tiffany repeated maniacally.

Devin’s pants prevented the knife from doing too much damage, but she still managed to cut him pretty deeply. Gripping his leg, he limped toward the bedroom door hoping to beat Tiffany there. In a murderous trance, she kept her steady stalking pace.

Devin got to the door first and hobbled into the hallway.

“You crazy bitch!” Devin shouted at her as he tried to make his escape.

Tiffany only followed, not making any attempt to pick up her pace. A deranged smile spread across her face as she trailed him into the hallway. Blood dripped from her knife with every lazy step she took. Devin steadied himself on the handrails as he made his way down the stairs and toward the front door. He was nearly out of breath and painfully stinging leg wound gushed blood with every limp. He was surprised at how easily he was making his escape. She was now down the stairs, stepping in Devin’s blood leaving behind a trail of bloody footsteps as she followed him to the door.

Devin flung open the door and suddenly realized whose car he had recognized in the driveway.

“You? What are you doing here?” Devin questioned.

“I live here.” Travis said cooly, stepping into the house and forcing Devin to step backwards.

Frozen. Devin weakly asked, “What?”

“I live here DJ.” Travis peaked around Devin to see Tiffany holding the bloody knife. “Oh, hey sis.” Travis greeted casually.

“That crazy bitch is your sister?” Devin asked, completely puzzled. His head began to hurt as he tried to make sense of what was happening.

“The only crazy person here is you if you think you’re getting out of here alive.” Travis threatened, maintaining his calm, chilling tone. Just then, Devin felt an excruciating sharp pain in his back. He screamed in pain, and collapsed to the floor as Tiffany removed the blade from his flesh, blood spilling to the floor and forming a pool.

Devin crawled past Travis, pitifully trying to make an escape.

“Oh no no no. Where do you think you’re going buddy?” Travis asked, in a singsong voice. He grabbed Devin by the ankles, dragging him back into the house through the kitchen and to the backdoor. Devin fainted and Travis drag his limp, bleeding body into the backyard where a shovel lay resting against the shed. Rain was pouring down hard and it streamed down Travis’ young, emotionless face as he lifted his face to the sky. Taking in the moment, he breathed deeply before he made his way toward the shed.

Devin awakened to the feeling of something heavy being dumped on him. He opened his eyes and looked up to see a pile of mud being tossed in his face. It didn’t take long for him to recognize that his worst fears were actualized. The rain had made it easier for Travis to shovel, this would be his easiest kill yet.

“Why are you doing this?” Devin screamed helplessly, clearing his face and trying to free his legs from what felt like a ton of mud holding him down.

“Why why why? They always want to know why.” Travis mocked. “Here’s why you’re going to die tonight, Devin. You’re going to die because you’re just an unlucky prick who fucked around with the wrong family.” Travis explained. Tiffany had just made her way outside and stood next to her brother.

“Please! Don’t do this!” Devin cried. He had never felt such a sense of hopelessness in his life. Devin took a final breath and blacked out.


He awoke to a familiar face.

“Where am I?” He asked, dazed.

“You’re on your way to the hospital.” The voice said.

“Nadia?” Devin asked before fading out again.

Devin woke again, this time in a hospital bed. His best friend was there to greet him.

“What happened he asked? How’d I get here?” He asked her.

Just then, the doctor entered the room. He was followed by two police detectives.

“Devin Jacobs! It’s nice to finally meet you, I am Dr. Howard Nelson. I bet you are having a hard time piecing together everything that happened. I want you to relax, don’t worry about anything. You’re safe now. These two gentlemen will fill you in.” The detectives introduced themselves as Dr. Daniels checked Devin’s vitals.

“I’m Detective Adams,” said the leader, “and this is my partner, Morgan. You’ve had yourself quite a night huh?” He asked with a friendly chuckle.

“Tell me about it.” Devin answered, exhausted. Still confused.

“Well, I’ll cut to the chase, it’s clear that you need your rest.” Dr. Nelson scribbled a couple notes on his clipboard then left the room. “Mr. Jacobs,” the lead detective started “it appears that we are dealing with a unique crime of passion and we have your girlfriend–”

“Not my girlfriend.” Devin firmly corrected.

“Right.” Adams continued. “We have your not girlfriend in custody. Tiffany Harris’ real name is actually Helena Thomas. She’s wanted for a string of murders throughout the country. Her past victim was an ex boyfriend she killed just recently here in town. Apparently he was sleeping around with one of the locals here shortly after they arrived. She didn’t take too kindly to it and well…basically did to him what she tried to do to you. It seems she’s had quite a history of abandonment going back to her childhood. She was abandoned by her parents at a very young age. Her father skipped out on her when she was 10, and her mother was a prostitute who was killed right before Helena’s 13th birthday. She’s managed to fly under the radar from then up until she turned 20 when she was arrested for a domestic violence incident. It’s easy for homicidal tendencies to go unnoticed so it’s really difficult to say when she developed an urge to kill.We’re still gathering statements, but it seems she has developed a taste of blood steadily over the past few years.”

“How’d you find me?” Devin asked.

“You can thank your friend here for that,” Adams said nodding towards Nadia. “She called it in. We barely got to you in time.”

“I tried calling you like a million times, DJ. You told me you were gonna come by after your date with Tiffany. I started to worry so I called the cops. Thank God they found you!” Nadia explained, tears of joy filling her eyes.

“What about Travis?” Devin asked.

“Who?” asked a puzzled Detective Adams.

“Tiffany, Helena, whatever the hell her name is had a brother named Travis. He was the one who did the heavy lifting. She didn’t kill by herself, detective, they were a team.”

Dryly, the seasoned Detective Adams professed, “Devin, there was no one else on the scene.”


Clintville soon returned to being a peaceful town but it never would be the same. The small, hospitable community was shaken to its core with the news that their town was infiltrated by a couple of serial killers. No one knew if they’d ever be safe again. With a serial killer still on the loose, it was highly unlikely.





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