Selfless: Album Review



Kiana Ledé is a new face who can help break the monotony of mediocrity when it comes to R&B.


‘Twas a night for the feels.

After an exhausting stretch of 24 hours worked between two jobs in two days, I needed something to help me wind down and fully embrace my fatigue and sadness. Occasionally, I like to relax and indulge in some moody R&B. I scrolled through my usual playlist containing artists such as Blood Orange, The Internet, Frank Ocean, and even 6lack, but I had heard it all before. I needed something new.

As I scrolled through recommended albums on Tidal, I was suddenly entranced by a pair of the most captivatingly gorgeous green eyes I’ve ever gazed upon. I tapped my phone screen on an album titled Selfless by Kiana Ledé to see if the project would be worth it. At 7 tracks spanning only 21 minutes, Selfless was short enough for me to give it a try. I’m thankful that I did.

In a genre largely considered to be dying out in today’s heartless and narcissistic society, it’s rare to come across a new standout artist who can help revitalize the musical category. Whereas hip-hop has 3 top artists playing hot potato for the crown, R&B really just boils down to Beyoncé then everyone else. Kiana Ledé is a new face who can help break the monotony of mediocrity when it comes to R&B.

The title Selfless could perhaps be speaking to an admirable personality trait of Ledé’s that actually hinders her relationships. Throughout the album, there are a few constant themes that come back to Kiana Ledé getting hurt for putting others first. In “Shame”, she deals with the disappointment of building up her ex into a better man just so another woman can enjoy the fruits of her labor. Kiana pours her heart out in “Ex”, as she pleads with the man she’s seeing not to kick her to the curb. She enjoys spending time and loving this man, she doesn’t want to be his ex and values their friendship too much to be disregarded. Later, in “Wicked Games”, a song similarly titled after The Weeknd’s 2011 single, Kiana is manipulated and frustrated by a man who takes her kindness and affection for weakness. No matter how much she gives, it never seems to be reciprocated, leaving Kiana alone with her feelings as another woman scorned.

Despite being constantly hurt and disappointed, Kiana’s album doesn’t necessarily have a sad tone. “Get in The Way” is an uptempo track with a catchy hook that is sure to stick in your head if you listen more than once. A$AP Ferg stops by to deliver a verse on “Fairplay”, probably the most empowering song on the album. If there is any song on the album that could be played in the club, this is it.

Kiana Ledé most likely won’t be dethroning Queen Bey any time soon, but she is on her way to becoming a household name. The genre needs fresh new faces and Selfless is worth anyone’s time who appreciates R&B. At only 21 minutes long, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Junky Locker’s Favorite 3 Tracks

  1. Ex
  2. Wicked Games
  3. Fairplay

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